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Deploying and Configuring the Linux based vCenter Appliance June 19, 2013

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Do you have multiple VMware ESXi hosts?

Do you want to manage them all from a central location?

If the answer to the above questions is yes, then you will require a VMware vCenter Server.

VMware vCenter Server is a service that acts as a central administration point for VMware vSphere hosts connected on a network. This service directs actions on the virtual machines and the hosts.

VMware vCenter Server software consists of many services and modules. The software is installed on a supported Windows operating system or deployed as a Linux-based virtual appliance. VMware vCenter Server provides advanced features, such as VMware vSphere Distributed Resource Scheduler, VMware vSphere High Availability, VMware vSphere Fault Tolerance, VMware vSphere vMotion, and VMware vSphere Storage vMotion.

A single vCenter Server instance supports a maximum of 1,000 hosts. A vCenter Server instance also supports 10,000 virtual machines that are powered on at the same time and 15,000 registered virtual machines.


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