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A PowerShell reference app for my iPad and iPhone November 12, 2012

Posted by vbry21 in VMware Training.
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I wrote an article recently on learning PowerShell and also stated my hatred of command line, well that hasn’t changed; just give me a good GUI anytime.

So imagine my delight when I found a nifty little app for my iPad and iPhone that acts as a reference guide for PowerShell, particularly for PowerCLI 5.0 in VMware.

“What’s the app called Bry?”

It’s called vmPowerCLI5, even better though it’s free.



Powershell Plus from idera a nifty free tool to learn powershell November 6, 2012

Posted by vbry21 in Microsoft Training, VMware Training.
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I’ll be honest, I hate programming, scripting and code type stuff, I come from a networking background and I prefer to do hands on technical type stuff.

So ask me to work out a sub netting scheme, or explain a packet structure, or connect up a machine and I’m fine. I can use a GUI and configure Hyper-V, Exchange, VMware etc.

Ask me to write a powershell script and I become extremely grumpy, I like the day light, I can communicate with my fellow humans and I can also talk quite easily to the opposite sex, and sorry to stereo type but developers / code monkeys can’t. But what they can do is script.

Unfortunately for my job, I also now have to know about powershell.

As I was trawling the web for powershell stuff I came across a fantastic website.

The website is owned by Idera and one of the sections is

PowerShell Plus v4.6

Free tool to learn and master PowerShell fast

Learn PowerShell fast with the interactive learning center

Execute PowerShell quickly and accurately with a Windows UI console

Access, organize and share pre-loaded scripts from the QuickClick™ library

Code & Debug PowerShell 10X faster with the advanced script editor

Have a look it’s really useful, if like me, you need to learn.

Visit idera.com

Or if you’re not the self learning type, why not come on an instructor led course