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Two new free eLearning courses from VMware on EUC July 31, 2014

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Two New FREE eLearning Courses Available Now

VMware Education releases two new FREE eLearning courses:

Horizon (with View) Fundamentals [V6.0]


The above is 4 hours of self-paced learning on the main features and components on the View solution, and how to install and configure View and covers.


•  Diagram the View architecture.
•  Discuss the key benefits and features of View.
•  List common View use cases.
•  List and explain the View components.
•  List the main View deployment steps.
•  Explain the View Composer requirements and installation steps.
•  Discuss the View Connection Server requirements and installation steps.
•  Outline the process for configuring the View Connection Server.
•  Describe the tasks for installing a View Security Server.
•  Explain how View Persona Management is used.
•  Outline the process for creating and installing a View event database
•  Outline the process and choices to set up vCenter Server managed desktops
•  Compare PCoIP and RDP remote display protocol options.
•  Describe the purpose of the View Agent
•  List the steps to prepare the virtual desktop before installing View Agent.
•  Outline the steps necessary to set up an automated pool that uses linked clones.
•  Describe the process for creating and entitling a linked clone desktop pool.
•  Discuss how to install and configure View Client.
•  Describe how View is implemented on Thin Clients.
•  Explain the importance of virtual printing.
•  Demonstrate how to log in and navigate in the View Administrator interface.
•  Describe how information in the Users and Groups page can be used to control and monitor View users.
•  Create an automated pool.
•  List the steps to set up RDS hosts
•  List the steps for using creating application pools.


VMware Mirage Fundamentals [V5.X]


The above is 2 hours of self-paced learning on the fundamentals of Mirage and the business challenges it solves. The course covers.


–  Explain how VMware Mirage works.
–  Describe the process of installing VMware Mirage.
–  Describe the process of configuring VMware Mirage.
–  List the key business challenges and solutions offered by VMware Mirage.
–  Describe the administrator tasks in VMware Mirage.
–  Describe the end user tasks in VMware Mirage.
–  List the VMware Mirage target use cases.




Passed my VCP5-DT July 16, 2013

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I managed to get my VMware View or to put it another way VCP5-DT exam sat and passed yesterday.

The exam itself was fairly straightforward, I’ve used the product for a while and also being a VMware Certified Instructor who teaches VMware View Install Configure and Manage, I should have passed.

Now, onto my exam taking experience.

I sat my exam locally at a place called Layer 7 IT Solutions in Ashington, Northumberland in the UK.

As always, I started with the exam blueprint.  This is available from VMware’s Certification website.

The exam consisted of 85 questions and I had 1.5 hours to complete. The questions are multiple choice and most consist of a couple of sentences.

If after you have read the exam Blueprint and you fancy sitting the courses, they are as follows.

VMware View 5.1 ICM

VMware View 5.1 Fast Track

However watch out for the VMware Horizon View: Install, Configure and Manage 5.2

I know it’s not on the exam blueprint, but it will still help.

For a lot more very good info on VMware View, I would highly recommend the following resources.

Simon Long’s website

Mike Laverick’s Building End-user Computing Solutions with VMware View.

The two chaps above both work for VMware and really know their stuff.