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Working Virtually or Virtually Working? July 4, 2012

Posted by vbry21 in General Stuff.
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Working virtually or virtually working?

The old ones are the best ones (working hard or hardly working).

My area of work centers around virtualisation and one of the areas is VDI or Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.

In a nutshell this means we take a desktop operating system and install it in a virtual machine, we store the virtual machine in the datacentre and it’s securely located in a big building with lots of redundancy for the systems, the user then accesses that virtual machine via a remote desktop protocol from virtually anywhere.


The user can access the virtual desktop from any supported device, PC, thin client, smart phone, tablet etc.

Think about 2000 physical desktops being upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 8 located across Europe, this will take more than a couple of hours to upgrade, and then we have a fault, how about rolling them back, with VDI users connect to VMs, so all we do is point the user at a new VM, hey presto 5 minutes, maybe even quicker, the original VMs can also be kept.

Operational costs, the IT support is centralised, the VMs are centralised, they can be protected by High Availability Solutions, and the entire site can be protected. If a thin client or other device fails, simply send a new one, no software needs installed, it’s on the VM.


We’ll at some point need network connectivity; if the network dies some does the user’s ability to run their desktop. Offline mode will help, but we need to sync local to datacentre at some point.


It’s my job, I like VDI, some may hate it, and some may have different ideas.

I use VDI solutions, I have an iPad, I like the fact I can run my Windows 7 or Windows Remote Desktop Service on my device, I like the fact I can RDP onto my vCenter or VMM server and manage the virtual environment. I very rarely use my laptop now for work purposes, to be honest, I only use it now to prepare courses and write these posts. My email comes to the iPad, and that’s the advantage of virtualisation, any device, anywhere