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vCenter Multi-Hypervisor Manager 1.0 is here November 21, 2012

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A few week ago I mentioned that VMware’s vCenter product would be able to manage multiple Hypervisors

Do you want to manage your vSphere environment and some other hypervisors? Then come and look at vCenter Multi-Hypervisor Manager 1.0.

Well here’s the good news, it’s here

This is a product I am definitely interested in as I teach VMware and Hyper-V, the only question is.

“Do I manage VMware and Hyper-V from vCenter, or do I manage VMware and Hyper-V from System Center?”

The answer is “It Depends”


Customer Service at its best October 14, 2012

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Last week I attended VMworld 2012 in Barcelona, which was very informative.


However, this post is not about the technology, but about the conference itself.


I arrived at the venue on the Monday morning and greeted by a bunch of extremely helpful and helpful members of the event staff.


The check in was efficient and fast, and at all times I was made to feel that as an attendee I was a valued guest.


The best part of the conference for me was getting to meet people from many different countries, I met fellow VCIs from around the world and also had a few delegates from my courses come over and say hello.


I’ve also got to say the Spanish people are amazing, friendly and welcoming, the event staff (yes it’s their job, but is that not also the case in other countries) at all times looked after the attendees, their level of customer service was excellent, and yes this does make me want to go back.


On Thursday I left the conference to attend a meeting in Barcelona, it was raining quite heavily, a member of the event staff appeared, popped up an umbrella and walked me to a taxi, she then stood with me and chatted until the taxi pulled up, when I arrived back at the Fira Barcelona, another member of the event staff walked me back to the hall.


The customer service at the conference and the people I met made the whole week extremely enjoyable, and let’s not forget, I learned a lot as well.


Thank you Spain, thank you to the amazing people I met and also thank you VMware.








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Nicira Session October 11, 2012

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I’ve just sat in on a very interesting session on Virtual Networking.

VMware bought the Nicira company about three months ago.

For me the boundary of the true software datacenters has always been the network. Networks tend to be static. We rely on the network bods to plumb in first, we then attach to the network, if something needs moved, we then ring up networking and they then repatch.

With Nicira, we can then pool and provision VMs quickly.

I’m sure we’ll see a lot more of this technology.

By the way, this technology also works with other Hypervisors.

Visit the Nicira / Vmware website, it makes for interesting reading.

vSphere standalone replication in vSphere 5.1 October 10, 2012

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My latest session at vmworld was based on the vSphere replication technology.

Within SRM 5.0 we had / have the ability to replicate VMs via vSphere as an alternative to SAN based replication, a good idea for smaller shops.

With vSphere 5.1 VMware have now integrated this into the Essentials Plus and above.

This now gives us standalone replication, so no longer relies on SRM (Site Recovery Manager)

We can also install vSphere Replication and later add SRM to get the automated reprotect and failback workflows for DR.

We get simplified installation and configuration, with only one vApp.

When replication occurs only Deltas are passed meaning improved performance.

This will be a useful little feature as we’ll be able to effectively have a backup VM that is available in case of datastore failure.


VMware Multi Hypervisor Manager October 10, 2012

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I’ve just been to the VMware stand and had a look at all the new and current products that are available.

The one that caught my eye was the VMware Multi Hypervisor Manager.

As I also teach the Hyper-V courses at QA I talk about managing VMware from SCVMM, now I can also talk about managing Hyper-V from vCenter.

To summarise.

We require the MHM software installed on a Windows box, we run through the configuration wizard and then install a vSphere client plugin.

Once the plugin is installed we then have the ability to create and manage Hyper-V VMs.

I asked when this would be available and it’s going to be soon.

Also the future is MULTI HYPERVISOR MANAGER, so it’ll also manage other vendors hypervisors as well.


vmworld 2012 Barcelona session 2 October 10, 2012

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General session 2 has just ended and contained a lot of information relating to the End User Computing environment.

Steve Herrod started with the view of current IT, which still has a lot of desktop, but also has a lot of BYOD, this could be tablet, laptop or even mobile phone.

This introduces a lot of headaches for IT support.

VMware have introduced or will introduce a lot of products to help ease or eliminate these headaches.

The first demo was a Mirage demo, the demo started with an upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7 on a physical laptop, the laptop was rebooted and Windows 7 appeared with the data and profile intact, the laptop then unfortunately got dropped and smashed. The user than accessed the image of the laptop via VMware View, an Apple Macbook was then supplied and the image of the original laptop continued within VMware Fusion.

We were then treat to a demo of Project Appshift, this takes the traditional Windows environment and moves this to a tablet, the apps can then be used in traditional tablet style, with swipes moving between apps, and also allows voice control, via a product such as Siri.

The other big thing that was mentioned was securing mobile apps via Horizon, in this case we could create two personas on a Mobile phone, one work and one personal and also maintain policies between both.

Finally we had the Diamond partner demos, these included.

EMC with vPlex

Cisco with L.I.S.P.

Netapp with virtual SAN

HP with their cloud system

Dell with their V1000 integrated system, servers, networking and storage and all managed via vCenter.

The winner was EMC, but all vendors had donations made to their charity, courtesy of VMware

General Session 1 vmworld 2012 Barcelona October 10, 2012

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Today 9th October 2012 was the first general session at VMworld Barcelona 2012.

The session opened with a very impressive music number, the vmworld 2012 sign on the stage had drums built into it and we were treated to a rather energetic drum and music number.

Pat came on stage and as the new CEO of VMware introduced himself and informed us all of the direction for VMware, this direction is rapidly moving towards the software defined datacentre.

When I started in VMware we virtualised CPU and memory, now with current and soon to be released products we will be able to have CPU, memory, disk and networks as resources that can be virtualised and distributed to our service users.

The other interesting concept that was put forward was the automated service provisioning of Virtual Machines.

Steve Herrod then came on stage and talked us through the new products that will give us his Software Defined Datacenter

Rather than repeat Steve’s presentation I have included the link to his Blog

On the above link you’ll find lots of useful information on the many new products included in the vCloud suite.

I was particularly interested in vFabric, which rather than having a VM template will allow us to applications via Blueprints, so we can pick an operating system and then pick which applications to install.

Tomorrow we will have another general session with Steve.


VMware Horizon application manager October 8, 2012

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The afternoon session at the VCI day  (08/10/2012) at VMworld Barcelona consisted of a presentation of End User Computing.

I’ve used Thinapp now for years to create and deploy managed applications, but this was generally in house from a Windows Share.

In the afternoon session we were introduced to VMware Horizon.

The presentation started by making us think about all the applications that are used by our end user population, these could be local apps, like Word or web based applications such as Salesforce.

As an IT support professional we have the responsibility to deploy these applications efficiently and securely, ideally from a single perceived location. Users don’t need to know how the applications are provided. They do however require these applications delivered quickly and reliably.

This is where VMware Horizon fits.

VMware Horizon is a cross-platform solution that gives organisations the flexibility to make the transition to the post-PC era without added complexity and cost. Now, from one central platform, IT can manage all SaaS (Software as a Service), Web and Windows applications and view their usage. End users gain easy, on-demand access to applications via their preferred devices, which increases their productivity and simplifies their overall experience.


For more information on this product visit VMware’s Horizon website, also read the datasheet, VMware are not just a Datacenter virtualisation company anymore. But as anyone that has worked with as long as I have will already know this.

VMware Mirage for desktop endpoint management October 8, 2012

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The afternoon session at the VCI day  (08/10/2012) at VMworld Barcelona consisted of a presentation of End User Computing.

The consensus is that VMware have been successfully virtualising servers for years, the presentation on End User Computing looked at how VMware can help automate and manage the desktop.

VMware have used VMware View to allow us to deploy desktops as Virtual Machines that we can then connect to via a client.

The first presentation, introduced us to VMware Mirage, this new product from VMware allows us to manage our physical end point devices.

We can use Mirage to easily manage and recover physical devices such as laptops and desktops.

Here’s a quick list of the highlights.

Centralized single image management enables IT to take advantage of “the power of one” – manage and update a single copy of Windows and a single copy of each application instead of trying to manage thousands of endpoints.


Total image recovery creates a complete image of any computer to allow disaster recovery to same or different machine types – even down to user files, applications, and settings. The image is continuously propagated to the datacenter, preserving hourly, daily and monthly snapshots. Restoring is as easy as installing a new Mirage client – no need for CDs, DVDs, or other

complicated alternatives.


Full bi-directional network optimization and integrated deduplication stores only one copy of a file, application, or operating system in the data center and does not transfer any blocks of user files, applications, or operating system over the WAN if another user’s system has already done so.


Integrated PC break-fix and troubleshooting enables IT to use centralized images to solve common PC issues or revert back to a point in time with last known working configuration – without affecting newly created user data.


Automated OS and Hardware Migration enables IT to migrate a large number of endpoints from XP to Win7 (or from one hardware to another) without manually installing the new images and not requiring external boot media. Furthermore, Mirage leverages network optimization to transfer the image efficiently over the WAN, even to remote locations. It minimizes user

downtime to 30 minutes, and creates a backup copy of the XP image. The bottom line is 100 migrations per centralized technician per day, regardless of the location of the end users, compared to four-to-five a day using standard methods.


The session lasted 45 minutes , so too much to include in this post, for more information visit VMware’s Mirage website page also have a read of the datasheet it all makes for interesting reading.


VMware’s new certification curiculum October 8, 2012

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The first of the sessions for us VCIs today hinged around the new curriculum, which is quite an important part of my job.

First the upside, VMware have gone down the path of offering career path certifications.

We have.

Administrator, Engineer, Architect and Governance and Operations.

We also have different levels of certification in the following areas.

Cloud, Datacenter Virtualisation, End User Computing and Cloud Application Platform.

Then onto the three levels of certification.

VCP or VMware Certified Professional

VCAP or VMware Certified Advanced Professional

VCDX or VMware Certified Design eXpert

Now the downside as you can imagine, this means a lot of learning and certification for me and now another upside, lots of opportunities to learn about these exciting new products from VMware.

For a whole load more information visit VMware’s Certification page flyer.