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VMware web Client reports Empty Inventory May 6, 2014

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Today I’ve been playing with a course build for the VMware Troubleshooting 5.5 workshop

I got to the 3rd lab, this lab involves me using the Web Client to connect to my vCenter and then make some changes to my environment and then use the log files to verify the changes.

The client reported Empty Inventory



Then I checked the services and found that the VMware vCenter Inventory Service was started, so I gave the VMware vCenter Inventory Service a restart and all was good with the world.

It’d be boring if everything worked first time.



Setting DNS and Routing IP settings in the vSphere 5.5 webclient March 9, 2014

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I’ve just connected my two ESXi hosts to my VMware vCenter Server, I then accessed the webclient and setup my DNS and Routing settings.

I expected the setting to be accessed as follows.

Hosts and Clusters > Highlight Host > select Settings

This however is not the case.


Hosts and Clusters > Highlight Host > Select Networking > Highlight TCP/IP Configuration > Edit

I suppose ‘yes’ that’s where it should be.

I’ve produced a little video, available on my Youtube channel



Installing the VMware vSphere Web Client for vSphere 5.1 July 17, 2013

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The VMware vSphere Web Client is a new alternative to using the traditional C# of vSphere Client.

  • It is a Web-based interface to vCenter Server.
  • Supports Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers (works with Chrome as well, I’ve tried it).
  • It has a customizable interface
  • It gives advanced search functionality with its TAG functionality.

If you use the vSphere vCenter appliance you already have this functionality as it is automatically installed.

If you have the Windows vCenter Server, you’ll need to install it.

The demo video shows the simple steps to install the Web Client.