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New Cloud Email from Microsoft August 1, 2012

Posted by vbry21 in General Stuff.
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I was talking about clouds today and we got into a conversation about Hotmail and that Hotmail, we could argue is a cloud app. The argument being we are consuming a service from a provider and we don’t really care where the data is, we can also access the data from multiple devices.

However I digress, the purpose of this blog is that Hotmail is not called Hotmail anymore it is now called outlook.com

This makes sense because the corporate mail system is called Outlook, so let’s make the cloud email also called Outlook.

I logged in today and created an email address and an account and all is working well, I’ve added the account to my iPad and iPhone.

I’ve imported all my contacts from my other web based email and social media sites.

It took 5 minutes and I’ve also bagged a usable email address, all achieved because I signed up early.

The cloud was never easier.

Go to Microsoft to find out more