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About Bryan

Bryan O'Connor

Bryan O’Connor

Hi, my name is Bryan O’Connor and I work as a lecturer in Virtualisation technologies in Newcastle

I have just finished a Journalism course and I have also been awarded the vExpert 2013. This is my second year as a vExpert.

I’m a VMware Certified Instructor and Microsoft Certified Trainer, I have many more certifications but I feel mentioning these two is enough.

I’ve worked in IT now since 1986 and I have held many, many posts such as engineer, consultant and lecturer / trainer, the purpose of this blog is to help me organise my thoughts and to post information which may be useful to my delegates and others.


Any opinions and articles published on this blog are purely my own and have not been verified or endorsed by VMware, Microsoft or any other vendors, companies or individuals. I have verified the information to the best of my abilitiy and any use of information is at the readers own risk.

However hope it’s of some use, also why white and fluffy? Because that’s what a cloud is.

Outside of this IT lark, I tend to spend as much time with my family and enjoy spending time just hanging out with my wife and children.

Thanks for visiting.



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