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Host hardware maximums VMware ESXi 5.5 October 20, 2013

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VMware vSphere 5.5 is now firmly with us and is an integral part of VMware’s Software Defined datacentre (SDDC)

With vSphere 5.5 we get some new maximums for the vSphere ESXi hosts.

Host CPU maximums

  • Logical CPUs per host 320
  • NUMA Nodes per host 16

Virtual machine maximums

  • Virtual machines per host 512
  • Virtual CPUs per host 4096
  • Virtual CPUs per core 32

Fault Tolerance maximums

  • Virtual disks 16
  • Virtual CPUs per virtual machine 1
  • RAM per FT VM 64GB
  • Virtual machines per host 4

Memory maximums

  • RAM per host 4TB
  • Number of swap files 1 per virtual machine

For a more detailed list, visit VMware’s Configuration Maximum guide


vCloud Director reports ESXi host is down, when it’s not October 15, 2013

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Today (15/10/13) I’m messing about with VMware vCloud Director 5.1 and when I came to create my provider VDC I got an error stating that one of my hosts was down.

I checked my host and it was indeed UP not DOWN.

My fix was, stick the host into maintenance mode, do a reboot and then take the host out of maintenance mode.

I then went back into the vCloud Director Console and enabled the host; all was then good with the world.

I then had a look on Google and found the following blog on VMware’s Blog site.


VMware VCA exams Free of Charge until 31st October 2013 October 3, 2013

Posted by vbry21 in VMware blogs, VMware Training.
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I wrote in a previous post about the VMware Certified Associate certification, click the LINK

In that post I told you all, the exam was £80 plus VAT, but if you book your exam before end of 2013 the exam came to £48, as VMware had offered a 50% discount.

However if you sit your exam before 31st October 2013 and use the following voucher code:


All of the VCA exams can be taken free of charge.

For more information on the certification and associated free web based training visit the VMware certification site at http://www.vmware.com/certification

Good luck and give these exams a go, that way when you pass you become VMware Certified.