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Self Service Distribution Groups in Exchange 2013 June 28, 2013

Posted by vbry21 in Exchange 2013, Microsoft Training.
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Many years ago I used to work on an IT support desk and the company I worked for used to recruit graduates, when they started we had to guess which distribution groups to add them to.

Wouldn’t it be nice if I could just get the managers responsible for the graduates to sort out distribution groups?

Well I can with Self-Service Distribution Groups in Exchange 2013

Assign non-Exchange administrators as distribution group owners. With this option, Exchange administrators with the appropriate permissions create distribution groups, and then assign other users as the owners of the groups. The group owners can manage the group membership by accessing the group properties in Outlook or through the Outlook Web App.  You can only add individual mailboxes as owners of a distribution group. You cannot add groups as owners.

Enable open distribution group memberships. You can configure distribution groups to enable users to either automatically join groups or request to join groups. The configuration options vary depending on whether the distribution group is a security group or not.

For security distribution groups, you can configure the group to require owner approval to join groups. Only owners can remove members from security groups.

For distribution groups that are not security groups, you can configure the group membership as open, which means that anyone can automatically join or leave the group. You can also configure the group to require owner approval to join the group. In this scenario, users can request to join the group, and they will be joined to the group when the owner approves the request.

Enable users to create and manage their own distribution groups. You also can enable users to create distribution groups using the Outlook Web App Options page.

To enable users to create distribution groups, you must change the Default Role Assignment Policy or create a new role assignment policy and enable the MyDistributionGroups role. This option gives users permission to create mail-enabled distribution groups and to manage the groups that they own.



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