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Disable Exchange Admin Center from the Internet June 25, 2013

Posted by vbry21 in Exchange 2013, Microsoft Training.
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This week I’ve been learning all about Microsoft Exchange 2013, as part of my job as a Microsoft Certified Trainer.

One of the statements on the Microsoft 20341 Exchange Server 2013, Core Solutions Course is that we now use a web based admin utility which replaces the good old Exchange Management Console found in Exchange 2007 and 2010.

The advantages are primarily speed and flexibility.

But this could also be accessed from the outside world, the course tells us that we can disable this access to the new Exchange Admin Centre found in Exchange 2013.

This procedure shows you how to turn off access to the EAC. This procedure doesn’t prevent users from accessing the Options in Outlook Web App.


The steps below have to be enable via the Exchange Management Shell.


This procedure disables EAC administrator access entirely on the CAS server where the steps are applied. If you to enable EAC administrator for internal users, you should install a separate CAS server and configure it to only handle internal requests using the following command: 

Set-ECPVirtualDirectory -Identity “InternalCAS\ecp (default web site)” –AdminEnabled

Use the Shell to turn off Internet access to the EAC. This example turns off the access to the EAC on server CAS01.


Set-ECPVirtualDirectory -Identity “CAS01\ecp (default web site)” -AdminEnabled $false




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