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Performing bulk tasks using Windows PowerShell April 10, 2013

Posted by vbry21 in Microsoft Training, Windows 2012.
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One of the courses I teach is the Microsoft Windows 2012 Installing and Configuring course, the Microsoft designation is the 20410B

In the presentation, we look at modifying multiple user accounts via the Microsoft PowerShell.

Graphical tools work well in many situations, but they cannot be automated. To automate AD DS administration, you require command-line tools.


Command-line tools can be used in scripts, or they can be used by other applications.


Some benefits of using command-line tools are:


Faster implementation of bulk operations. For example, you can export a list of new user accounts from a human resources application. You use a command-line tool or script to create the new user accounts based on the exported information. This is much faster than creating each new user account manually.


Customized processes for AD DS administration. You can use a customized graphical program to gather information about a new group, and then create the new group. When the information is gathered, the graphical program can verify that the information format—such as the naming convention—is correct. Then, the graphical program uses a command-line tool to create the new group. This process allows company-specific rules to be enforced.


AD DS administration on Server Core. The Server Core installation of Windows Server cannot run graphical administration tools such as Active Directory Users and Computers. However, you can use command-line tools on Server Core.


The demonstration is available at the BryanQA Youtube site



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