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Creating or upgrading a VMware Hardware Version 9 VM March 13, 2013

Posted by vbry21 in VMware blogs, VMware Training.

On my VMware 5.1 ICM course this week we came up against the module on creating Virtual Machines. We state that ESXi 5.1 now uses hardware version 9

In the lab we create the VM via the vSphere Client (C# client) and the delegates always say.

“Hang on I can only create Hardware Version 8 VMs”

I say.

“Yep, you create the Hardware version 9 VM through the Web client.”

The options are as follows

When creating the VM we specify the compatibility level.

So the options

ESXi5.1 and later = Hardware Version 9

ESX 5.0 and later = Hardware Version 8

ESX 4.x and later = Hardware Version 7

ESX 3.x and later = Hardware Version 4

Upgrading Existing VMs to Hardware Version 9

In the web client select your VM that you want to upgrade.

Right Click in VM > All vCenter Actions > Compatibility > Upgrade VM Compatibility 9 (if powered off), Schedule upgrade VM Compatibility (if powered on)

You then get shoved into a wizard, select Yes and then select Compatible with ESX 5.1 and later.

Hey presto Hardware version 9


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