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VCAP5-DCD time to start revising January 4, 2013

Posted by vbry21 in VCAP5-DCD.

Here’s wishing everyone a Happy New Year.

I’m about to start revising for my VCAP5-DCD certification, and as a VCI I am going to use a variety of learning resources.

In this post however, I’m just going to cover the recommended courses from VMware.

To start with the DCD stands for Data Center Design. The VMware web page for this certification has a lot of useful information, which includes the most important bit of information, THE EXAM BLUEPRINT.

The certification outline is available from VMware

The requirement for this exam is to be already qualified as a VCP5-DV, once that has been achieved you will need to be authorised by VMware to book the VCAP5-DCD exam.

Recommended Courses

The first recommended course is the VMware vSphere: Design Workshop, this 3 day course is a classroom based course looking at design guidelines for vSphere.

The second recommended course is the Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Design, this course is a self paced online course from VMware.

Once all revision is done, sit and hopefully pass exam.






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