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The new VMware vSphere web client, it’s rather good November 7, 2012

Posted by vbry21 in Microsoft Training.
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I’ve been playing with vSphere 5.1 for some time now and I’ve got to say that I really do like the new VMware vSphere Web Client, however I didn’t at first.

The two big things that impress me are.


How many times have you started a task and then the phone rings and you get interrupted and tasked with a more serious problem?

Me personally quite a bit, this gave me two options; the first was cancelling the task, or open another instance of the old vSphere Client.

With the new vSphere web client we can now PAUSE the task, save it to our workplace and then resume the task at a later time. This can be on either the original web client, or I could launch the web client from home and continue the task. The workspace is server side.

The other function is TAGS

With the old vSphere Client I could only place an object in a single folder.

With TAGS I can create a TAG and associate it with a VM let’s say a TAG of Newcastle, but those VMs may also be used by HR, so I create an HR TAG and associate the VM with this TAG as well.

When I do a search I search for all VMs in Newcastle used by HR.

VMware have very kindly produced some rather nice how to videos on the new vSphere Web client, they’re worth a look.





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