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vmworld 2012 Barcelona session 2 October 10, 2012

Posted by vbry21 in VMworld 2012 Barcelona.

General session 2 has just ended and contained a lot of information relating to the End User Computing environment.

Steve Herrod started with the view of current IT, which still has a lot of desktop, but also has a lot of BYOD, this could be tablet, laptop or even mobile phone.

This introduces a lot of headaches for IT support.

VMware have introduced or will introduce a lot of products to help ease or eliminate these headaches.

The first demo was a Mirage demo, the demo started with an upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7 on a physical laptop, the laptop was rebooted and Windows 7 appeared with the data and profile intact, the laptop then unfortunately got dropped and smashed. The user than accessed the image of the laptop via VMware View, an Apple Macbook was then supplied and the image of the original laptop continued within VMware Fusion.

We were then treat to a demo of Project Appshift, this takes the traditional Windows environment and moves this to a tablet, the apps can then be used in traditional tablet style, with swipes moving between apps, and also allows voice control, via a product such as Siri.

The other big thing that was mentioned was securing mobile apps via Horizon, in this case we could create two personas on a Mobile phone, one work and one personal and also maintain policies between both.

Finally we had the Diamond partner demos, these included.

EMC with vPlex

Cisco with L.I.S.P.

Netapp with virtual SAN

HP with their cloud system

Dell with their V1000 integrated system, servers, networking and storage and all managed via vCenter.

The winner was EMC, but all vendors had donations made to their charity, courtesy of VMware



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