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VMware Horizon application manager October 8, 2012

Posted by vbry21 in VMworld 2012 Barcelona.

The afternoon session at the VCI day  (08/10/2012) at VMworld Barcelona consisted of a presentation of End User Computing.

I’ve used Thinapp now for years to create and deploy managed applications, but this was generally in house from a Windows Share.

In the afternoon session we were introduced to VMware Horizon.

The presentation started by making us think about all the applications that are used by our end user population, these could be local apps, like Word or web based applications such as Salesforce.

As an IT support professional we have the responsibility to deploy these applications efficiently and securely, ideally from a single perceived location. Users don’t need to know how the applications are provided. They do however require these applications delivered quickly and reliably.

This is where VMware Horizon fits.

VMware Horizon is a cross-platform solution that gives organisations the flexibility to make the transition to the post-PC era without added complexity and cost. Now, from one central platform, IT can manage all SaaS (Software as a Service), Web and Windows applications and view their usage. End users gain easy, on-demand access to applications via their preferred devices, which increases their productivity and simplifies their overall experience.


For more information on this product visit VMware’s Horizon website, also read the datasheet, VMware are not just a Datacenter virtualisation company anymore. But as anyone that has worked with as long as I have will already know this.



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