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What’s new in vSphere 5.1 part 4 September 25, 2012

Posted by vbry21 in VMware blogs.

In VMware vSphere 5.1 we get a more advanced version of the distributed virtual switch. The new features enable us to manage our virtual switch infrastructure with greater efficiency and management enhancements.

Configuration Backup Restore – Allows vSphere admins to store the distributed virtual switch configuration as well as recover the network from the old configurations.

Export and Restore features of the enhanced distributed switch provides you with a way to create backups for network settings at the virtual data switch level or at the portgroup level and save the data anywhere.  This feature lets you recreate network configuration seamlessly, giving you a means of restoring full functionality in instances of network settings failures or VMware vCenter database corruption.

Using the Back Up and Restore feature of the enhanced distributed switch you can:

Export network configuration backup virtual data switch and portgroup configuration asynchronously on a disk.

Restore network configurations, which implies that you can restore virtual data switch and portgroup from a backup. Administrators can now save the distributed virtual switch configurations and use it to restore the exact same distributed virtual switch setup after any failure or in any new environment. Network admins can also build a revision control system distributed virtual switch configuration by saving configurations after each change with meta-data and use this to restore to any older configuration

By importing the backed up configuration you can also create new entity from the backup. Saved distributed virtual switch configuration can be used as template to create similar other distributed virtual switch in any virtual center.

Rollback and recovery – Addresses the challenges that we faced when management network failure caused the Hosts to disconnect from the vCenter Server.





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