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Exchange 2013 Review is now here July 27, 2012

Posted by vbry21 in Exchange 2013.
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Exchange 2013 preview is upon us, I have just received an email asking me to download the preview edition. Which, I did.

I haven’t yet installed it, but I will soon on my RC 2012 Windows Server, and probably in a VM on my 2012 Hyper-V server. Also I’ll stick it on VMware vSphere as well, get a balanced view

However I did a bit reading and the first thing that struck me was that we lose the four server roles of Mailbox, Hub Transport, Client Access and Unified Messaging. This gets condensed to two roles, Mailbox and Client Access.

The Mailbox server role now incorporates the traditional Exchange 2010 components such as Hub Transport, Mailbox and Unified Messaging.

The above makes complete sense to me, I never understood having the Message Transport and Unified Messaging as single roles anyway. But it was all to do with CPU constraints when Exchange 2007 popped up.

Client Access as a single role, yes I get that, after all with Database Availability Groups the mailbox may move.

Oh another thing, I remember that Exchange 2007 was going to be the death of Public Folders, well, Exchange 2013 preview has still got them.

As I play and learn more, I’ll stick it in a Blog.





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