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Datacenters built entirely in sofware July 26, 2012

Posted by vbry21 in VMware blogs.

I mentioned in an earlier Blog that I was looking at VMware vCloud Director.

One of the things we create within vCloud is Resource groups and resource groups consist of one or more DRS/vSphere HA clusters that provide CPU, Memory and Storage resources to the cloud.

We then can manage multiple DRS/vSphere HA clusters within a resource group. We then take that resource and hand it to vApps.

Cool, great and fine, but what about networking. I really want to provide that as well.

So imagine my surprise when I found out last night (25th July 2012) that VMware have just bought another company Nicira, what do Nicira do? Oh yes they virtualise networking.

In a nutshell, we stick in a layer between the host and the network, this then transforms your physical network into a pool of network capacity that enables creation of multiple isolated virtual networks to connect workloads in your cloud.

Hey presto we have now virtualised and pooled my missing resource.

Dr Stephen Herrod now has his software defined datacentre (I knew he was a clever bloke, watch his youtube vids, from the office of the CTO)



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