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Upgrading VMFS 3 to VMFS 5 July 25, 2012

Posted by vbry21 in VMware blogs.

I had an interesting question about upgrading from vSphere Version 4 to Version 5.

Once the upgrade is finished the VMFS datastores will be VMFS version 3? The ESXi 5.0 operating system uses VMFS 5.0? Can I do an in place upgrade.

My answer was yes, select your datastore.

In Hosts and Clusters view

Select the Host > Configuration Tab > select the VMFS 3 datastore > click upgrade to VMFS 5 in the GUI.

Remember that VMFS 5 is only supported on hosts running ESXi 5.0 and later.

Also the VMs running on the datastore do not have to be moved or powered off.

But let’s say for example that the block size was 8MB on the original VMFS 3, which means it will be 8MB on the VMFS 5 datastore. The delegate wanted 1 MB blocks. With VMware there’s always a workaround.

This was going to cause an issue, however on analysis we found we had spare capacity across the datastores, so instead we decided on a storage vMotion of VMs to a different datastore, we then deleted and recreated the datastores as VMFS 5 1MB block and repeated until all datastores were now version 5.





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