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RESXTOP Memory Counters for the Host June 14, 2012

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This article explains the common counters on the RESXTOP Memory screen (Part 1) Host Memory

Ah, back to RESXTOP

When we first launch RESXTOP from the command line we find that we are automatically placed into CPU view, if you hit the m (lowercase) key you’re taken into memory view.

Below is a description of some metrics that maybe of some interest.

PMEM/MB – This lists the total amount of physical memory available on your host.

VMKMEM/MB – This is the amount of physical memory currently in use by the VMkernel.

PSHARE – This shows the amount of memory savings from the transparent page sharing.

Memory State – This value can be high, low, soft or hard. This basically tells us whether the VMkernel has enough memory for performing its critical operations.

If Memory State is:

High, the VMkernel has sufficient memory to perform its critical tasks.

Soft, Hard or Low, then the VMkernel is having trouble getting the memory it needs.

Therefore we really love High, anything else means we have a host that is overcommitted for memory.


High = No memory reclamation technique

Soft = Ballooning

Hard = Swapping and Ballooning

Low = Swapping (Bad)







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