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Ah my young apprentice!!!!! June 6, 2012

Posted by vbry21 in General Stuff.

The street party was on Monday (I may have mentioned it twice), we had quite a few young people at the party and as I sat getting my nails done by Phoebe (I’ve known her since she was three, I feel old), yes I got them done, if it’s good enough for Mr Jonny Depp then I thought I’ll get mine done as well, my youngest daughter Jessica thought it was brilliant. I asked Phoebe what she was going to do in the future; further education seems to be the way forward, possibly a degree in psychology

Anyway I completely digress, I was asking the youngsters (I mentioned I was old) “what are you going to do when you leave school?” and I was surprised that most of them have decided to stay on at school and then off to university.

A few mentioned IT as a career and I mentioned our award winning apprenticeship scheme (see below).


The advantage of this apprenticeship is, that as a young person the options are made available, let’s be honest university is not for everyone, the concern is still how much money a degree will cost.

The apprenticeship qualification that QA offer comes with qualifications at the end, also ‘there’s no tuition fees, oh and if I forgot to mention, you’ll get paid as well. ‘

PS “I still haven’t checked my email, I’m still on holiday.”



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