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The party’s over June 5, 2012

Posted by vbry21 in General Stuff.

The teamwork paid off!

Yesterday was the culmination of three months’ work, after the committee had voted and the party planned, we all sat down at noon for lots of food.

David did the face painting, along with Conner.

Tracey and brunette Michelle were responsible for the hair table; they put ribbons in the girl’s hair and spayed union flags into the boy’s hair.

Phoebe headed up the nail painting table.

Helen helped the young boys and girls make crowns and sashes.

Blonde Michelle became the official photography and took all the photos and I provided the words.

The party eventually moved to Lorna and Adrian’s where the BBQ took over, at just after midnight we all went home.

It’s amazing how a party for a person we haven’t met bought all people together, I met people I did not even know lived in our street, I even met a couple of people I did recognise, as they’d been on a course that I had taught.

This is perhaps the way we should teach teamwork in our professional development courses, get some food, get some drink, get a guitar and an excellent singer and just relax, it seems a much better way than building towers out of straws and seeing if we can balance an egg, but hey I teach technical courses not business skills and we can’t really setup a BBQ in the class rooms.





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