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We’re always at work with consumer devices June 2, 2012

Posted by vbry21 in General Stuff.

Consumer devices such as the iPAD and iPhone mean we are always at work. Is this a good thing that we have access 24 hours a day?

Being a trainer means that some nights I do work late into the night, preparing demos and messing about with setting up kit, I usually send out emails at 11PMish saying that I’ve had enough and I’m off to bed. It is then amazing how many times I’ll get a reply to that email within a couple of minutes from people who really shouldn’t be working at that time of night.

I think that VW in Germany have the right idea, I’ve supplied a link to the article on the BBC.


The idea behind this was for the car maker to restore work life balance, but would it work in the UK?

My iPAD for example is setup to receive email from the Exchange Servers we have at QA, and even though it’s Saturday I still find myself checking the iPAD when it goes “DING”.

As I’m off on annual leave for a week, I have decided that I will attempt to be disciplined and not check my mail whilst on holiday, so to ensure that I have a week off I have disabled the mail on the iPAD for a week, but with webmail and remote access will I manage? I’ll tell you all on the 11th of June 2012.

I’ll still be posting articles between now and my return, but that’s because I’ve already written enough to post one a day for the next ten days, so theoretically no work for me, well apart from posting the articles.



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