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RESXTOP CPU Counters June 1, 2012

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Ah, back to RESXTOP

When we first launch RESXTOP from the command line we find that we are automatically placed into CPU view and along the top of the screen we get loads of headers, but what do they mean?

Below is a description of the most common counters that we will encounter.

PCPU USED(%) – CPU utilisation per physical CPU (logical CPUs).

%USED – CPU utilisation. This counter displays the percentage of physical CPU core cycles used by a group of worlds (resource pools, running VMs, or other worlds). Also includes %SYS

%SYS – This is the percentage of time spent in the ESXi VMkernel on behalf of the world/resource pool to process interrupts and to perform other system activities.

%RDY – Percentage of time the group was ready to run, but was not provided CPU resources on the host on which to execute.

%WAIT – Percentage of time the group spent in the blocked or busy wait state. This includes the percentage of time the group was idle.

%CSTP – Percentage of time the vCPUs of a virtual machine spent in the co-stopped state, waiting to be co-started. This gives an indication of the co-scheduling overhead incurred by the VM. If this value is low, then any performance problems should be attributed to other issues and not co-scheduling of the VMs VCPUs.

%MLMTD – Percentage of time the VMkernel did not run the resource pool/world because that would violate the resource pool/world’s limit setting.

NWLD – Number of worlds associated with a given group. Each world can consume 100% of a physical CPU, which is why you might see some unexpanded groups with %USED above 100%

I got the above from the resource management guide from VMware, later articles will discuss the memory, networking, storage and VM counters.



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