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RESXTOP Navigation May 28, 2012

Posted by vbry21 in RESXTOP.

When we’re using RESXTOP in interactive mode, we can change the view by using various keys to change the screen behaviour.


From the vMA use fastpass authentication to target your host and then run RESXTOP

The characters that change the screen view are now listed below

c – Switch to the CPU resource utilisation screen (default)

m – Switch to the memory resource utilisation screen

d – Switch to the storage (disk) adapter resource utilisation screen

u – Switch to the storage (disk) device resource utilisation screen

v – Switch to the virtual disk resource utilisation screen

n – Switch to the network resource utilisation screen

V – Display only virtual machines in the screen

h – Display the help screen

f – Change the columns

q – quit

RESXTOP displays information based on worlds. Think of these as processes. A world can represent a VM and a VMKernel component.

On the RESXTOP screen we will see ID (World ID), GID (Resource Pool ID) and NAME (Name of the running world).

In later articles we’ll look at the four main categories of CPU, Memory, Networking and Storage



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