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RESXTOP May 27, 2012

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Managing real-time performance using RESXTOP

I was sitting on the Train The Trainer (TTT) for the new Optimize and Scale course last week and we were looking at performance monitoring tools, in the Install, Configure and Manage Course we look at the performance charts that are built into the vSphere Client.

On the Optimize and Scale course we look at the vMA (vSphere Management Assistant), and for performance we examine results from the RESXTOP utility.

What this utility allows is command-line real-time monitoring and collection of data for the main system resources, these being, CPU, Memory, Networking and Storage.

The beauty of this utility would be for example, to allow us to identify say CPU issues on the host and then via various options identify the problem Virtual Machine.

We can use RESXTOP in one of three modes.

Interactive Mode: All statistics are displayed as they are collected, showing how the system is used in real-time.

Batch Mode: The statistics are collected and output to a saved file for later analysis.

Replay Mode: The data that was collected by the vm-support command is then interpreted and played back as RESXTOP statistics.

In later articles we’ll look at the four main resources and the data we can view and collect.



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