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Connection Options in the vMA (VMware Management Assistant May 23, 2012

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<conn_options> What????

When using the vMA (VMware Management Assistant), in all the examples there’s a bit that says for example vicfg-vswitch <conn_options>, but what are these connection options, well they’re listed below

–cacertsfile                                        Specifies the CA certificate file

–config                                                 Path to a configuration file

–credstore                                         Name of credential store file

–encoding                                          Specifies the encoding to use

–passthroughauth                          Use Microsoft Windows Security SSPI

–passthroughauthpackage         Specify Domain-Level authentication protocol to be used

–password                                         Log in password

–portnumber                                   Uses specified port to connect

–protocol                                           Uses specified protocol to connect

–savesessionfile                              Saves the session to the specified file

–server                                               The ESXi or vCenter host

–sessionfile                                       Uses the specified file to load a saved session

–url                                                      Connect to vSphere Web Services SDK URL

–username                                        User name to log in to system

–vihost                                               Name of ESXi host to run the command against

Phew quite a few connection options, generally you will probably use the following.

vicfg-vswitch –server vc01.qavdc.com –username administrator –password abcd1234 –vihost esxi01.qavdc.com –B both vSwitch0

The above connects to vc01 and sets CDP to both on esxi01 host to both for vSwitch0



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