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Install Config and Manage or Fast Track (you decide) May 9, 2012

Posted by vbry21 in VMware Training.

There are two courses that lead towards the VCP 5 certification for delegates new to vSphere and these two courses are the ICM and Fast Track.

First the ICM course.


The ICM is geared to towards the Installation, Configure and Management of a vSphere environment that is perhaps geared more towards the non-enterprise environment and doesn’t cover the more advanced topics such as Distributed Virtual Switches, Host Profiles and Autodeploy.

The topics give an excellent grounding in the concepts that would allow the majority of delegates to create a highly usable and reliable platform.

The course runs at a nice pace and the labs add good hands on that can be translated to all environments.

The VCP exam however would require considerable additional reading.

Next the Fast Track course.


The Fast Track course covers all of the topics covered in the ICM, but it adds the topics required to install the vSphere 5 product in a highly available and scalable environment and covers the advanced topics of Distributed vSwitches, host profiles, vCenter standalone converter, configuring the vMA and Distributed Power Management.

However the name of the course ‘Fasttrack’ should ensure that you all pick up the fact that’s it’s an extended fast paced course.

The course also covers the advanced storage technologies such as storage profiles and Storage DRS.

This course more closely aligns to the VCP 5 exam, and on examination of the exam blue print we can see that the Fast Track covers the objectives more in depth.

In both cases however hands on is a must.



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